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Looks fantastic Mere! I will let Barb know that the pics have been posted. Kudos to Stoph. Also love the touch Stoph pieces give it.

wow guys. looks fantastic. the floor looks really great with the cabinets. very nice choices. stoph is definitely a keeper, that fridge cover is awesome:)

Can't wait to have a serious night IN, in the new kitchen! Stopher you are amazing, Mere you look nice today! (haha) Love you guys

Thanks ladies!!!

Fabulous! You both did a great job. Can't wait to see it in person.

Question: Would you share the source for your sofa? I have been looking for one for months and really like the shape (and color) of yours.
Thank you!

The sofa is called Manhattan and it is from Urban Barn. I am actually really happy at how well it fits into the new space. It matches our countertop perfectly:) Here is the link:http://www.urbanbarn.com/products/Furniture/Living-Room/Sofas-and-Sectionals/manhattan-sofa/46

The kitchen looks fabulous Mere...the whole main floor looks fabulous...great job you two!! Is your house always so neat & organized??

Looks so great Mere and Stoph - nice job!! It's ready for the magazines! XO

Wens, you are a sweetheart!

Gorgeous! I am new to your blog (popped over from Aubrey & Lindsay) - love your main floor. You've done a fabulous job...now i'm off to add myself to your followers and read more.

Also came over Aubrey & Lindsay... The kitchen is fabulous!! Where are the lights from? Would you mind sharing the source? Thanks

Hi Emily. Thank you for the compliment. The pendants are from West Elm. They were easy to instal and ended up being the perfect fit for the room. We also purchased the Edison light bulbs that West Elm sells as well.

MM + stoph

AMAZING ideas + execution.

your home is very very lucky to have you both as owners

my house is very jealous =)


Thanks MW!! Your renos look amazing as well. Can't wait to see the final product in person.

Fabulous Kitchen! I am so jealous - do you want to come back to the "Bay" and re-design my 108 year old house?? I love reading your blog - so creative.

Thanks Carole, you are too sweet! Definitely feels good to be done. Are you seeing the end of your renovation tunnel yet?

good God - NO! Steve is too busy "fighting" fires and doing side jobs for everyone else and I am all consumed with school these days. I need to win an HGTV competition or something .... Can't wait to see what your den looks like. Steve was very impressed with your kitchen design as well.

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