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Would you suggest a similar methond for flooring set-up?

Good thing you got to fix your window before the kitchen renovation is done. It would be very troublesome to redo all the work, if you did not notice the problem early on. And I think the new window will be perfect for your new kitchen.

I agree with Nancy here. If you already installed your entire kitchen fixtures and notice afterwards that the window is broken, you may have to uninstall some of the stuff blocking the window for it to get fixed. And it would mean more work to be done.

It seems that everything here looks good and fabulous! I personally liked the way how the windows complemented the kitchen, design-wise. That helps a lot not only in making your home a better place to live in, but also, it increases the value of your home. Cheers and congrats! :)

Good choice of windows! It’s really advisable to install large windows in the kitchen area to create an illusion of space and to brighten up the place. Don’t worry much about the cost of your renovations. I’m sure it's going to be all worth it.

Wow! I really loved that alside bay window you have there. That style of windows would be the centerpiece design of your house. I think that all it needs is curtains or draperies to give you a little privacy.

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