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Hey Guys! Just wanted to let you know that no matter which kitchen option you pick I promise to continue to let you cook dinner for me in it! Seriously though, I choose Option #2 for 2 main reasons. 1. I think you will LOVE having that extra bit of pantry room and 2. I think you will want the fridge tucked in the corner and out of the way

Just my thoughts, can't wait to hear the verdict!


I have to go with option 2 as I think you will like your fridge there and you will want the extra storage space.

I agree with Carla 100%. Option #2 is the way to go. You can never have too much storage and I think you will prefer to have the fridge out of the way.


I like #1 but I'm the odd one out! The fridge doesn't need to be out of the way because everyone goes there first anyway :) (BOTH are AWESOME - how fun)

Thanks for the feedback ladies!

I love the layouts!! open concept is so much easier to work with. It all really depends on if you need the extra space that the pantry can give you. Personally, I think I like option#1. I really love a built in stove & microwave. That then allows you to put in a gas cook top (which you would love)and offer a little more counter space, also fridges are a big deal in a kitchen. Just my opinion. It is going to look great either way....

Hi Mere,
My mom and I like option#2. Auntie Di thinks you can never have too much storage and I tend to agree. We love the breakfast nook for Stopher to gaze at the pups during his breakfast. Can't wait to hear what you choose. What kind of cupboards are you doing?

Option #2 is my choice, but then again you already knew that

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